vocab.org - A URI space for vocabularies


vocab.org is intended to be an open URI space for vocabularies such as RDF Schemas or XML Namespace documents.

The PURL http://purl.org/vocab/ is mapped to this domain. It is recommended that all vocabularies hosted here define their term URIs using the PURL rather than the vocab.org domain. The PURL is expected to persist longer than vocab.org, although every effort will be made to ensure that vocab.org persists for as long as possible. (Please see the availability statement for more information on this topic)

The following vocabularies are currently hosted here:

academic institution intenal structure ontology
A vocabulary for describing the internal organisational structure of an academic institution
aiiso roles
A vocabulary for common roles found in academic institutions
A (very) simple bartering vocabulary for people and organizations.
A vocabulary for biographical information
A vocabulary for describing changes to resource descriptions.
A vocabulary for describing evidence.
frbr core
A vocabulary describing core terms defined in the FRBR report.
frbr extended
A vocabulary describing extended terms defined in the FRBR report.
A vocabulary describing a resource lifecycle modelled as states and transitions.
A vocabulary for describing roles people play within groups.
A vocabulary for describing relationships between people.
A vocabulary compatible with the region codes used within the Reuters news corpus.
A vocabulary compatible with the topic codes used within the Reuters news corpus.
A vocabulary for describing list of arbitrary resources that may be grouped and ordered.
riro ddl
A vocabulary for RDF service discovery descriptions.
riro gpt
A vocabulary for RDF graph patterns and templates.
riro sdl
A vocabulary for RDF-in/RDF-out service descriptions.
A vocabulary for describing whisky varieties
A vocabulary for annotating other vocabularies

Additionally, there is a reserved namespace "vnd" for private use.

Long terms plans for this domain are to offer free, permanent hosting for any vocabulary along with a vocabulary maintenance toolset (initial set here). Please contact me at nospam@iandavis.com if you're interested in using this URI space for your own vocabularies or want to help build the toolset.

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